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Find your date ‘face-to-face’

Simple, no limits, no hidden costs

Find your Date with Hello Face


Longing for love and romance? Longing for a partner? Someone to wake up with in the morning and to share your life with? We’ll help you find your soul-mate and lover …

Find your Date with Hello Face


You can zoom in on photos, or you can message your e-mail address and phone number to anyone you want to – wherever you are. Easily done with your mobile.

Find your Date with Hello Face


We don’t use recurring billing. You pay once and can use all the extras we offer – we withhold nothing from you. 

Find your Date with Hello Face


You can reach your account via Android and IOS apps, or even in your browser. You can reach your contacts anywhere you are.


Have you had enough of recurring billing? Are you cross if you cannot zoom in on a photo? Does it upset you if you are not allowed to share an e-mail address or phone number in your message?

Look no further! We have none of these.


  • 6 messages*
  • Unlimited access
  • Profile photo upload required within 48 hours
  • 70 credits for free


  • No ads
  • Continuous access
  • One-time payment


  • Unlimited messaging
  • Continuous access
  • No profile photo required
  • One-time payment


  • Incognito browsing
  • Continuous access
  • One-time payment


  • Certified user – helps build trust
  • Continuous access
  • One-time payment
Find your Date with Hello Face

Terms of payment and use

You are free to download and use the app upon registration. After registration you are free to send 6 messages and use 70 credits. Browsing is possible for 28 days. If you don’t want to lose the option of sending free messages upload a profile photo within 48 hours.

Without a profile photo you can only send messages by signing up for our Premium membership.

Accounts with no profile photo or with no activity (no messages sent, no likes, etc.) will be inactivated. You can still restore your account by signing up for Premium membership.

Our Premium membership grants your account unlimited validity and is available via in-app purchases under “Extras”.

On our website you can only sign up for Premium membership (unlimited messaging) and use PayPal for payment.

Stay active to collect credits. For example, we give you 70 credits for signing up, 30 credits if you recommend us to a friend, 5 credits for watching a video, etc.


Testimonies, good reads

Read stories about men and women… about yourself… about relationships, questions, doubts, concerns… about successfully finding love for life... Photo: Daniel Monteiro.

Find your Date with Hello Face


  • ‘It was one single day; only one. I know you wouldn’t believe it, but still. I registered, had a look around and saw her. Her photo was modest yet provocative and mysterious, kind of showing everything yet nothing... Got interested so sent her a message and was looking forward to her reply. And she did reply. We started to chat. I’m thankful for the dating site to find my match.’

    Budapest - Hungary
  • ‘I found the app in the AppStore. It didn’t strike out of similar apps but it didn’t matter. I got loads of messages but didn’t reply for a while as I found them to shallow. But suddenly I got a message from HIM. It was eloquent and full of meaning. I liked what he wrote and how he wrote it. Thank you that you made it possible for us to meet.’

    Siklos - Hungary
  • ‘I had been trying to find love with the help of free dating sites for quite some time but with no success. This was the first one that I paid for an app. I got unlimited messaging option for a couple of bucks. It was worth it. After 3 months and plenty of messages I met Erika. We’ve been together since. I wish each and every Hello Face member would find their true date.’

    Miskolc - Hungary
Find your Date with Hello Face

A perfect photo can tell you all

We recommend that you upload a profile photo and a full body photo as it significantly increases your chances to find the right person.

We suggest that your photo shows only you. In case there are others in your photo they shouldn’t be recognizable. Avoid using photos with copyright.

You are free to upload any of your favorite photos in your gallery.

We recommend that you use 512x512px or larger resolution. Use landscape format.


We check uploaded photos and information only subsequently; therefore, what you upload is your responsibility.

Use only trustworthy information about you that cannot be used to defile either you or others, and that does not breach any laws or regulations. The same holds for photos.

We moderate your profile later or upon reports. We reserve the right to delete or suspend any account with content that is against our rules.

Find your Date with Hello Face
Find your Date with Hello Face

No limits

We set no limits to finding love: you are free to share a link, your e-mail address or phone number in your messages.

But mind you: any personal or sensitive information might expose you to others who might misuse or abuse it.

Think twice before you really want to share your personal details or contacts.

Certain rules are still necessary for us to legally operate: read about them in our Terms.



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